Vote 'Alex Barrella' Mayor
November 2nd 2021
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Alex Barrella(i)
pipe-dreamer/cartoonist; asks again for your vote.
While I'm basically just peddlin' the same policii as my 2017 Mayoral run; I'm hopeful for more of an inclusive / genuine election this time so that we can place a radical progressive status-quo-buster into an office / society that desperately needs SOMETHING ELSE

below are some colourful links to my basic platform policies.
i hope you click them / expand your mind to
the possibility of enormously
better things being possible
with collective thoughts
to conjure equity


        Fix Broken Systems of Democracy        
        Basic Income / Reparations        
    Housing / Renters Rights    
          Un-Establishment Politix          
         Make Anime Real         
     Physical/Mental Healthcare for ALL     
       Decriminalize Justice      

ifst you have read thru all thems sections & are still here wanting more; reach out to me. i am always open & minded. overjoyed to provide donated art/ signage for spreading the word that we can have lots of atlantians on nov 2nd 2021 going to the polls & voting defiantly against steadfast abusive power-structures for a better future 4 everyone.
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